Preparing Your Mammoth Lakes Condo for Nightly Rentals

Dated: October 3 2022

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With the ’22-’23 ski season approaching quickly there are several easy fixes to make sure your nightly rental property is ready for guests and most importantly ready to receive those 5-star reviews.

As a traveler going to a new destination, naturally, questions will arise.  Where is a good place to eat?  Where are the town shuttle pick-ups?  Where is the nearest grocery store?  Nearest coffee shop?  What’s the WIFI password? …and the list goes on.  As a super host providing your guests with as much information as possible can make all the difference in their stay and help keep the guest questions to a minimum.

When setting up a new nightly rental property a great way to make sure you cover all the bases is to switch your mindset into thinking as if you are the guest.  When heading out to your vacation destination being a prepared traveler is key.

In your welcome email to the rental guest make sure you are giving adequate instruction for arriving to the property.  In Mammoth Lakes we have many different condo complexes that all have similar mountain aesthetic names.  Provide your guest with a physical address, the complex name, unit #, access code or where to retrieve the key to the unit.  Include a map with the cross streets showing, in case your guest gets turned around.  Make sure to note any landmarks or statues that can help direct or re-direct your guest in the correct direction. For example, Follow the walk way through the courtyard to the first building and if you’ve reached the bear statue you’ve gone too far. Chances are your guest will be able to find your property with no issues but sometimes guests arrive in the late hours and after a long travel even simple directions may seem complicated in an unfamiliar place.  & Don’t skimp on parking directions.  Knowing where you can park overnight, loading zones, short-term parking, or access to a parking garage are all helpful items to know to make your guest arrival is a smooth one.

Upon entering the rental property having some sort of welcome note and small gift or gesture goes a long way.  Something as simple as a couple waters can do the trick.  For larger units people really tend to appreciate a bottle of wine or even a box of chocolates. Anything that puts a personal touch on the unit will give off a sense of welcoming.

After a guest gets initially settled, they start to, make themselves at home.  First things first, make sure you have the WIFI network name and password clearly posted.  On the refrigerator, on a wall sign, or on a coffee table card are all good places to have this info.  If the complex has amenities clearly label keys and instructions for using hot tubs, pools, fitness areas, and recreation rooms.  As a guest you may not be aware that glassware in the hot tub and pool areas are strictly prohibited.  Providing your guests with any rules and regulations upfront will prepare them to stay under the radar with management and acting according.  Be sure to include common area open and closing times as well as quiet hours.

Most people these days have a smartphone that can list 100 nearby restaurants, transportation options, and nearest coffee shop in about 10 second via Google but a super host will have a local attractions book in the rental unit that will guide the guest in finding what they are looking for.

Print up a couple pages of nearby restaurants.  Mark which ones are within walking distance.  Have a section for local grocery store, liquor stores, coffee shop, drugstore, and shopping centers.  We all know and have been taught to call 911 in case of an emergency but having an emergency section with the name and addresses of the local Hospital, local Veterinarian, local Police Department, Search & Rescue and any other local safety contacts is always recommended in case your guest has any unfortunate events take place.  If you’re really looking to go above and beyond update your book with current events happening.  The Village at Mammoth often has events year-round and they aren’t always known about.  Giving the guest a heads up for fun family activities or exciting nightlife places can really round out the satisfaction of your guest’s trip.

The care for your guests will show and in turn that will keep them coming back to your property, treating it with care and respect, leaving you a 5-star review, and maybe the most flattering of all; recommending your property to a friend with a rave review of their experience.  Hope these tips were helpful, happy renting!  

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