The project currently known as, Evolving Main

Dated: March 3 2023

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Main Lodge

For decades Mammoth Lakes has been home to a world class ski resort and throughout the years Mammoth Mountain has maintained the same ski lodge that we all know and love.  Skiers and Snowboarders alike can all look back and remember a time getting ready for ski school, loading up the day lockers, renting snow equipment, or breaking for lunch and all these times taking place in the infamous main lodge.  Well, the time has finally come for main lodge to get the improvements it has been needing and we’ve all been wanting. 

Cut to, Mammoth Mountain ski area’s newest planned development, called Evolving

Main.  This multi-year transformation puts the zing in amazing!  Main lodge will be ringing in their 70th anniversary and there is no better way to celebrate the milestone than with the proposed evolving main project.  Now that we have your attention, how about we get into the details of what we can expect from the new and improved main lodge. 

Several entities have come together and thoughtfully established a modern take on the alpine experience with a major investment on year-round recreation for everyone.  Let us start with the biggest and probably most exciting feature, a first-class ski beach frontage at the base of the mountain that captures and reflects the mountain’s California vibe and heritage.  You may have been to a resort where they have a ski beach or two but this is a new and improved design that will arguably be the best ski in country without a doubt.

The focus of this major update is to enhance the guest experience and along these lines the town of mammoth lakes and Mammoth Mountain has much more in the works for development.  Not only will main lodge be getting a complete remodel but the surrounding areas will also be getting revamped.  The surrounding area with be broken into Parcel A and Parcel B.

Parcel A will be the cream of the crop and consist of the following: Amenities and Trail heads, Restaurants and Cafes, Lodging and Hotels, Entertainment, Resort Residential, & Mountain Operations.  Parcel B will include new and diverse resort residential options and a water treatment and reclamation facility storage ponds for snowmaking, summer irrigation and fire suppression. 

Additional new resort improvements will consist of a mountain coaster, zipline, climbing wall, ropes course, new and improved sled park, day lodge, retail shops, restaurants, sun decks, family fun zones, new points of entrance, additional parking lots, a new chair lift and much more.  The Mammoth you love is just getting better and better.  You can expect these improvements and developments to come in increments and you can follow along and watch the progress as the time begins to pass.  Check our renderings of the development here.

At this time we know that there will be several hotels, resort residential builds, some commercial space, and a few mixed use buildings that will have various zoning regarding nightly rentals, long term rentals, and retail/commercial use.  Currently Parcel A is mapped out to have 164 resort residential units and 250 lodging units, Parcel B is mapped to have 45 resort residential unit and water retention ponds.  

For more information regarding this project and to follow along with the real estate opportunity aspects of the project please feel free to contact us.  

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The project currently known as, Evolving Main

For decades Mammoth Lakes has been home to a world class ski resort and throughout the years Mammoth Mountain has maintained the same ski lodge that we all know and love.  Skiers and

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